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The researchers used mortality rate ratios to compare death rates in smokers and nonsmokers.
Cigarette smoke contains thousands of dangerous chemicals that are unhealthy for both smokers and nonsmokers.
The subjects rated each of three hypothetical situations - smoker, nonsmoker, and former smoker - on six 5-point Likert-format items (1=extremely low, 2=somewhat low, 3=neutral, 4=somewhat high, 5=extremely high).
You are twice as likely to have a heart attack as a nonsmoker.
Here's an update on three airlines, two car rental firms, some trains, and a dozen hotel and motel chains we know of that make special allowances for nonsmokers.
The Los Angeles area has earned a reputation for being tolerant of atheists, communists, the super weird, porn actors, the insane, reality-show contestants and immigrants with no desire whatsoever to purchase car insurance - provided they're all nonsmokers.
She also notes that some studies failed to compare women and men headto-head and instead examined differences in lung cancer rotes between smokers and nonsmokers within each gender.
Linus Pauling, for example, notes that his daily consumption, as a nonsmoker, is 10,000 milligrams.
The Calabasas ordinance cited 52,000 nonsmokers killed each year by secondhand smoke, including 3,000 from lung cancer.
At the event, representatives from 67 SWAT chapters throughout Florida will meet for training sessions on how to educate people about the hazards associated with secondhand smoke, which according to published studies is the third-leading cause of preventable death in the United States, killing 53,000 nonsmokers every year.
It seems to me, as a nonsmoker, that the legal sound and fury about compensating smokers has egregiously ignored multitudes of nonsmokers, many of whom could probably present acceptable evidence that their health has been seriously harmed by secondhand tobacco smoke.