nonrecurring charge

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Nonrecurring charge

A one-time expense or credit shown in a company's financial statement.

Nonrecurring Charge

A charge, usually triggered by an extraordinary event, that appears on a company's financial statement only once. A nonrecurring charge is listed as an expense for the company and reduces its earnings for the time period covered in the financial statement. Most statements make it clear that a nonrecurring charge is a one-time event and does not reflect the company's broader financial health.

nonrecurring charge

An expense that is not expected to be encountered again in the foreseeable future.
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These actions are expected to yield an annual saving of 500 million SEK and will entail nonrecurring charges of about 400 million SEK in the fourth quarter.
Operating earnings before nonrecurring charges were $96.
9 million, or 54 cents a share, including nonrecurring charges, compared with a profit of 15 cents a share from the same period a year ago.
Fourth-quarter operating earnings before nonrecurring charges were $105.
After recording the nonrecurring charges, Shaw's net earnings for the second quarter totaled $40.
Excluding the nonrecurring charges, the company still lost money for the quarter.
Richard Moroney notes that nonrecurring charges are excluded from companies' quarterly earnings statements.
Restructuring and other nonrecurring charges recorded during the fourth quarter, 2000 were $46.
Earnings per share before nonrecurring charges grew 70 percent to $1.
technology IPO year to date -- Increased revenue 8% sequentially with growth across all product lines -- Expanded operating margins excluding nonrecurring charges over the prior quarter
31 per share, before nonrecurring charges in the third quarter compared to $71,683,000, or $.
Net earnings for 1998, before nonrecurring charges and the loss on the sale of equity securities, were $126.