nonrecurring charge

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Nonrecurring charge

A one-time expense or credit shown in a company's financial statement.
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Nonrecurring Charge

A charge, usually triggered by an extraordinary event, that appears on a company's financial statement only once. A nonrecurring charge is listed as an expense for the company and reduces its earnings for the time period covered in the financial statement. Most statements make it clear that a nonrecurring charge is a one-time event and does not reflect the company's broader financial health.
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nonrecurring charge

An expense that is not expected to be encountered again in the foreseeable future.
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Conclusion: There was significant difference between the levels of TGF-[beta], anti-PGL-1 IgM antibody and cortisol in leprosy patients with the recurrent ENL reaction and those with nonrecurring ENL reaction.
Given nonrecurring accrual was the main reason of net profit growth of TGK-1 for a year by 60% from
Earnings per diluted share, excluding nonrecurring items, are projected to total 18 cents to 23 cents.
Nonrecurring rewarding of schools is realized in frames of the system of encouraging effectiveness of the activity of teachers, administrators, and schools, message stated.Winners will be schools which showed the best effectiveness of activity in 2008-2009 academic year.
The major factors contributing to the decrease in revenues include $1.6 million in nonrecurring revenues and a decrease in landfill receipts.
Restatements related to accounting for nonoperating expenses, nonrecurring events, and reclassifications increased from 24 percent in I997 to nearly half in 2006.
Included in this year's second-quarter results are three nonrecurring items: the $48.1 million pretax charge from the sales return reserve, a pretax charge of $46.4 million associated with reducing adverse income tax consequences arising from the recent review of Costco's stock options by a special committee of the board of directors, and a $10.1 million pretax benefit primarily to merchandise costs for an excise tax refund on prior merchandise sales of phone cards.
Excluding nonrecurring items, operating expenses rose 6.6% to [euro]1.34 billion.
In the six months to March 31, turnover fell to pounds 31 million from pounds 35 million while operating profit before nonrecurring operating items dropped to pounds 585,000 from pounds 2.15 million.
It discusses six strategies for fiscal stability: (1) minimize overmatches, (2) maximize low-risk, nonlocal funding, (3) maintain a long-term fiscal perspective, (4) avoid the post-grant trap, (5) treat nonrecurring revenue prudently, and (6) manage fund balance.
Earnings were also hit by $132 million, after taxes, in additional nonrecurring charges, including $118 million in pretax impairment charges.
Excluding the $3 million of nonrecurring sales last year related to the new Japanese drinking water regulations, fourth quarter sales improved 7%.