non-profit organization

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Nonprofit Organization

An organization that operates as if it were a business but does not seek a profit. Common examples of nonprofits include charities, private schools, and think tanks. Nonprofits do not pay taxes; donations to many are tax-deductible, at least up to certain limits. In order to qualify for this status, however, a nonprofit must register with the IRS, under section 501(c) of the tax code. See also: 403(b).

non-profit organization

an organization which attempts to achieve an objective other than profit, for example, a charity.
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A nonprofit group, Astronomers Without Borders, wants you to keep your eclipse glasses until it has activated a system for people across the country to turn in their glasses so AWA can collect them and distribute them to other countries for future total solar eclipses.
That's why it's up to individuals to contribute to community betterment, according to Angela Perkey, founder of the nonprofit group Students Serve.
CASTAIC -- Castaic residents have created Castaic Now, a nonprofit group looking into either annexing to Santa Clarita or forming a separate city.
The next phase is to educate the community about sanitation, which is being done by COPIN, a local nonprofit group.
IN NOVEMBER the nonprofit group One Laptop per Child, an offshoot of MIT's Media Laboratory, unveiled a prototype of a $100 laptop meant for underprivileged kids in remote parts of the developing world.
the nonprofit group formed to facilitate administrative and fundraising efforts for the program.
If a nonprofit group is doing the buying, the land is removed From the tax rolls.
While the amount of donations rose, the percentage of all households who donated money to at least one nonprofit group in 2003--80 percent--remained consistent with the previous two years.
It belongs to the Vegetarian Resource Group, a nonprofit group for non-meat-eaters worldwide.
As noted in a study of the bill by OMB Watch, a nonprofit group that promotes government accountability, a congregation could use funds raised through tax-deductible contributions to fund partisan campaign activities.
The NCCC team moved Knab and her son into a motel for two weeks, and in partnership with a local nonprofit group, the Preservation Resource Center, completely gutted and rebuilt the interior of her house.
Last year, he formed the nonprofit group and web site Scouting for All.

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