nonperforming asset

Nonperforming asset

An asset that is not effectively producing income, such as an overdue loan.

Non Performing Loan

A loan in or near default. According to the International Monetary Fund, a non-performing loan is any loan in which: interest and principal payments are more than 90 days overdue; or more than 90 days' worth of interest has been refinanced, capitalized, or delayed by agreement; or payments are less than 90 days overdue but are no longer anticipated. Another definition of a non-performing loan is one in which the maturity date has passed but at least part of the loan is still outstanding. The specific definition is dependent upon the loan's particular terms.

nonperforming asset

An asset that produces no income. For example, a loan on which the borrower is not making payments is often described as a nonperforming asset. Firms often continue to include these assets, which are of questionable value, on their financial statements because they do not wish to show the losses entailed in writing them off. Also called nonperforming loan. Compare underperforming asset.
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According to group member Nobuo Akai, a professor at the University of Hyogo, it is the first time that a group has estimated and compiled nonperforming asset data at nationwide public land developers.
Forbes also factored in nonperforming assets as a percent of assets, CET1 ratio, risk-based capital ratio and reserves as a percent of nonperforming assets.
These metrics included 12-month operating revenue growth, return on average tangible equity, return on average assets, net interest margin, efficiency ratio, net charge-offs as a percent of total loans, nonperforming assets as a percent of assets, risk-based capital ratio, reserves as a percent of nonperforming assets, and the CET1 ratio.
a special purpose vehicle, to acquire nonperforming assets from Philippine banks and other financial institutions.
During the rating review, Moody's will consider the asset quality challenges and costs which the company may face as a result of its above-average level of nonperforming assets.
The company reported diminished loan demand coupled with an increase in nonperforming assets, but the end result was better than analysts' estimate of 48 cents a share.
For customers who want details, there are three sets of financial ratios that can be used to evaluate fiscal soundness: capital ratios, return on assets, and nonperforming assets.
The Reserve Bank had previously suggested that entry would be restricted to banks with 1% less in nonperforming assets, or bad debts, than the industry average.
HSBC said certain assets, including nonperforming assets and liabilities will be separated and transferred to a separate asset management company on or prior to the closing of the takeover deal.