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That includes responding promptly to requests for nonobjecting beneficial owner lists and to requests for information concerning the numbers of copies of notices to be provided to the nominee for remailing to the objecting beneficial owners by the nominee.
request from each nominee other than DTC either an undertaking to retransmit the notice to all persons for which it serves as nominee, including nonobjecting beneficial owners,(4) or a similar undertaking with respect to objecting beneficial owners and a list of all nonobjecting beneficial owners;
provide an undertaking of the issuer to pay to the nominees other than DTC the reasonable costs of transmitting the notice to persons for whom the participant acts as nominee, including the nonobjecting beneficial owners if the nominee has notified the registrar that it will mail the notice to nonobjecting beneficial owners in lieu of providing the listing requested by the registrar;
provide a list of nonobjecting beneficial owners to the issuer or registrar and retransmit the furnished notices to the objecting beneficial owners, or
Common methods to obtain shareholder ownership information include examining SEC filings, obtaining a list of the registered shareholders or nonobjecting beneficial owners, and even making phone calls.