Nonforfeiture clause

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Nonforfeiture Clause

A clause in some insurance policies entitling a policyholder to receive the benefit, or a portion of it, for a short period of time after allowing the policy to lapse. That is, if the policyholder does not pay the premium as agreed, he/she is still entitled under a nonforfeiture clause to the benefit should the insured event occur within a certain, brief period of time. Alternatively, a nonforfeiture clause may entitle a policyholder to a partial refund of the premiums paid.

Nonforfeiture clause.

If there is a nonforfeiture clause in your insurance policy contract, and you have let the policy lapse because you haven't paid a premium that's due, you may qualify for the benefit named in the contract for a limited time, for a smaller benefit, or for a partial refund of your premium.

However, the added protection of adding a nonforfeiture clause generally increases the premium for the policy.

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