noncontributory pension plan

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Noncontributory pension plan

A pension plan that is fully paid for by the employer, requiring no employee contributions.

Noncontributory Pension Plan

A pension where the pensioner (or employee) makes no contributions. Instead, the employer makes all contributions on the pensioner's behalf. This contrasts with most pension plans, where both employee and employer make contributions. See also: Matching Contribution, Contributory Pension Plan.

noncontributory pension plan

A pension plan in which the participating employees are not required to support the plan with contributions. Compare contributory pension plan.
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Within social spending, the increase is roughly evenly distributed among noncontributory pensions, government spending on education and health, and other social spending (table 1).
The categories for which we are able to undertake the incidence analysis include the main cash transfers, noncontributory pensions, and public spending on education and primary healthcare; hereafter we shall refer to the sum of these categories as Social Spending Benchmark.
Noncontributory pensions include a social assistance program that has existed since 1948 (which, from now onwards, we shall call social assistance pensions) and moratorium pensions, introduced in 2004 through a series of laws and decrees, one of which was still in force in 2009.
Benefits from noncontributory pensions (which include moratorium and social assistance pensions) could not be independently identified in the surveys; they are lumped together with contributory pensions and therefore must be inferred.
This in fact reflects the increase in the budget share of noncontributory pensions and a decrease in the share of programs targeted relatively more to the poor such as JJHD, Familias and AUH.
Sometimes being 'the first' to introduce a particular social reform, such as noncontributory pensions based on statutory entitlement, was a strenuous task.
A break-down of the records show 295,000 were related to state pensions, 63,000 to oneparent family payments, 15,000 to widows' noncontributory pensions and 800 to orphans contributory pensions.
The starting point for debates discussing the potential of noncontributory pensions to bridge the coverage gap is that too little is still known regarding how well universal non-contributory pensions will function in low-income countries with weak fiscal and administrative capacities (Charlton and McKinnon, 2001).
While there is growing supportive evidence about the fiscal feasibility for most countries of basic non-contributory pensions as well as a greater understanding about how benefits should be designed and even how administrations and agencies should reach-out to benefit recipients, remaining key questions relate to what form the institutional structure of the central administration of the noncontributory pension system should take and where the necessary finance should be sourced from?
Haber finds, as did contemporary observers like Louis Brandeis, that qualification for noncontributory pensions was so constrained that it amounted to a form of "peonage.
Retirees were to receive a noncontributory pension, calculated on length of service and wages in the last decade of employment, a formula borrowed from English railroads.
Following warnings from the company's general solicitor, PRR officials emphasized the purely voluntary nature of a noncontributory pension, which should not be "construed to give any .