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A preferred stock or bond that cannot be redeemed whenever desired by the issuer.


A security that the issuer cannot redeem before maturity.

noncallable (NC)

A provision of some bond and preferred stock issues that prohibits the issuer from redeeming the security before a certain date, or, in some cases, until maturity. A noncallable provision operates to the advantage of the investor. Compare nonrefundable.


When a bond is noncallable, the issuer cannot redeem it before the stated maturity date. Some bonds have call protection for their full term, and others for a fixed period -- often ten years.

The appeal of a noncallable bond is that the issuer will pay interest at the stated coupon rate for the bond's full term. In contrast, if a bond is called, you receive a lump-sum repayment of principal, which you must reinvest.

Frequently, rates are lower at call that they were when the bond was issued, which means your reinvested principal will provide a smaller yield.

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