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Nonvoting stock

A security that does not entitle the holder to vote on the corporation's resolutions or elections.
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Nonvoting Stock

Stock in a publicly-traded company that does not give the holder the right to vote at the company's annual meeting. Nonvoting stock usually has other rights associated with it to compensate for the lack of ability to vote. For example, most preferred stock is nonvoting, but preferred stock has a guaranteed dividend, while most voting stock does not.
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nonvoting stock

Stock in which the holder has no vote in the election of directors, the appointment of auditors, or other matters that may be brought up at the annual meeting. Corporations sometimes create a special class of nonvoting stock to restrict corporate control only to certain groups. Most preferred stock is nonvoting. Compare voting stock.
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When Snap went public it did so using the first-ever solely non-voting stock model.
In the case where you do share ownership with non-working family members, consideration to voting vs non-voting stock is the very least that should be done.
For example, a corporation could create a class of non-voting stock for elders who would still be able to vote their original ANCSA stock, but not have more voting power by virtue of their age.
Holders of each share of Starz series B common stock will receive USD 7.26 in cash and 0.6321 of a share of Lionsgate voting stock and 0.6321 of a share of Lionsgate non-voting stock.
Preferred stock is non-voting stock. So what makes it "preferred?"
Zuckerberg is taking steps to maintain control of the company by creating a second class of non-voting stock. The move will allow Zuckerberg to follow through on his pledge to give away 99 percent of his Facebook shares, an ( announcement that accompanied the birth of his daughter last year, while maintaining control of the company.
Separately, Facebook also announced that it will create a new class of non-voting stock, known as "Class C capital stock,'' designated to let CEO Mark Zuckerberg keep tight reins on the company even as it issues more shares to compensate employees and investors.
It said there was uncertainty in the valuation of Fox's non-voting stock and its ability to handle a combination of this scale.
* There is significant risk and uncertainty as to the valuation of Twenty-First Century Fox's non-voting stock and Twenty-First Century Fox's ability to govern and manage a combination of the size and scale of Twenty-First Century Fox and Time Warner; and
18 May 2012 - US-based Porter Bancorp Inc's (NASDAQ:PBIB) shareholders have given the green light to the increase of the company's voting shares to 86m from 19m and non-voting stock to 34.4m from 1.4m, as part of efforts to secure fresh capital, American Banker reported on Thursday, quoting a statement from the bank.
The firm will create a new class of non-voting stock and effectively split the shares two-for-one.