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Nonprofit Organization

An organization that operates as if it were a business but does not seek a profit. Common examples of nonprofits include charities, private schools, and think tanks. Nonprofits do not pay taxes; donations to many are tax-deductible, at least up to certain limits. In order to qualify for this status, however, a nonprofit must register with the IRS, under section 501(c) of the tax code. See also: 403(b).

non-profit organization

an organization which attempts to achieve an objective other than profit, for example, a charity.
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Porumbescu indicates that non-profits play a substantial role in less developed countries by providing basic goods and services, especially in countries where government stability and credibility is routinely challenged.
However, despite the aforementioned concerns associated with working for a non-profit organisation, the majority of MENA respondents maintain they would be keen to work for one.
4pc said they would 'never' work for a non-profit, said the 'Working for Non-profit Organizations in the Mena" poll, recently conducted by Bayt.
Part of the reason is that the over-haul of the non-profit corporation law was something of an afterthought to a broader effort to make D.
This is reflected in an anecdotal trend towards more partnerships between contractors and particularly non-profit reuse sales firms, whereby the contractor conducts deconstruction and delivers the recovered materials to the existing non-profit reuse firm for resale.
Jay Sekulow, a confederate of TV preacher Pat Robertson and an increasingly important operative for the Bush administration's drive to remake the federal courts, has used non-profit groups to finance a high-flying lifestyle for himself and members of his family, a national newspaper has reported.
From our study, it appears that non-profit child care would make good public policy," said Professor Cleveland.
Although the contribution of non-profit organizations, religious charities and commercial providers to social welfare was recognized, their role was not given much prominence and in some quarters it was even believed that they would eventually wither away as government services expanded and encompassed even greater responsibility for people's well-being.
Besides the non-profit sector, overall office leasing activity at the Empire State Building is enjoying one of its busiest sustained periods in recent memory.
Most American companies are stingy in funding think tanks and other non-profits that persuade lawmakers to cut taxes, reduce public spending, liberate trade, deregulate and otherwise foster free enterprise.
Netzel estimates, "Salaries at non-profits are lower by one-third or more.
Most large non-profits have embraced SharePoint as a platform for use within the organization for staff collaboration and outside of the organization for web initiatives where the focus is on increasing constituent engagement, improving meeting attendance and driving fundraising results," says Jason Schnur, SusQtech's VP of Sales.

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