nonmarketable security

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Nonmarketable security

Securities that cannot be easily bought and sold.

Nonmarketable Security

A security that may not be bought or sold. Generally, a nonnegotiable security may be redeemed by the issuer, but this is often subject to some limitations. Low-risk instruments such as savings bonds and certificates of deposit are examples of nonnegotiable securities. They are also called nonnegotiable securities and nontradeable securities.

nonmarketable security

A security that may not be sold by one investor to another. This type of security is generally redeemable by the issuer, although within certain limitations. U.S. Treasury savings bonds and most certificates of deposit are nonmarketable securities. Also called nonnegotiable security.
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The company is replacing more expensive and non-tradeable Kuwaiti supply with Iraqi oil.
In addition, on 13 September, markets regulator China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) allowed banks to raise funds through non-tradeable preferential stock allotments.
The exchange will be a 1 for 1, with the stipulation that the old certificates with the old company names, CUSIP numbers and design, will be void, and shall be worthless, non- transferable and non-tradeable in any public or private market or exchange beginning June 10, 2013, and shall have no value except for the right to be exchanged for new certificates.
The draft already agreed upon includes Pakistan's assent, in principle, to grant the MFN status to India and a finalised negative list of non-tradeable items, which will be phased out by the year's end.
By the end of 2006, non-tradeable shares accounted for 63% of the total shares in the market But following the Gugai reform of 2005, the Chinese law allowed for state and provincially controlled non-tradeable shares to become tradeable.
Low OSPs mean that everyone will maximise the non-tradeable volumes and that the spot tradeable grades will suffer," said another trader with a western trading firm.
Industry policy can be revisited, ideally at the expense of non-tradeable activity such as the finance sector rather than by transfer of resources from the more successful tradeable industries to the less.
Given that Gulf governments find it politically difficult to trim fiscal expenditure at a time of booming oil revenues and that monetary policy is heavily constrained, it is difficult to see how inflation will be effectively tamed without some upward adjustment in exchange rates," the report said, but observed that "a substantial portion" of inflation is being generated by non-tradeable factors, particularly high property rents.
Boiler rooms' are high pressure sales firms, often based overseas, who target investors - often sophisticated investors(i) - to illegally offer them non-tradeable, overpriced or even non-existent shares.
These 35 sectors are then grouped into two major categories: 18 tradeable and 17 non-tradeable industries.
The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has argued that non-tradeable farming outputs which benefit society - maintaining the countryside for example - provide a public good and should be paid for.