nonmarketable security

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Nonmarketable security

Securities that cannot be easily bought and sold.
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Nonmarketable Security

A security that may not be bought or sold. Generally, a nonnegotiable security may be redeemed by the issuer, but this is often subject to some limitations. Low-risk instruments such as savings bonds and certificates of deposit are examples of nonnegotiable securities. They are also called nonnegotiable securities and nontradeable securities.
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nonmarketable security

A security that may not be sold by one investor to another. This type of security is generally redeemable by the issuer, although within certain limitations. U.S. Treasury savings bonds and most certificates of deposit are nonmarketable securities. Also called nonnegotiable security.
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In the lower divisions, however, the players are non-tradeable in this sense.
'One of the main structural problems facing the Botswana economy is that the economic diversification that has occurred has been into non-tradeable sectors, mostly services, that serve the domestic economy rather than exports,' reads the review.
An overvalued exchange is also favoured by lobbies representing the non-tradeable sector, which are strong and pervasive throughout the region.
From a regulatory point of view, these non-tradeable equity investments were not admitted to cover VSK's technical reserves.
Alkhater said that many oil based economies in the region have their economic activities concentrated in the non-tradeable sector such as services and construction relying on low skill imported labour with the majority of nationals employed in the public sector.
The company is replacing more expensive and non-tradeable Kuwaiti supply with Iraqi oil.
In addition, on 13 September, markets regulator China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) allowed banks to raise funds through non-tradeable preferential stock allotments.
This increased the divergence between thriving non-tradeable sectors and buoyant domestically driven growth in the South, and the greater reliance of the North, and especially Germany, on export-led growth.
The draft already agreed upon includes Pakistan's assent, in principle, to grant the MFN status to India and a finalised negative list of non-tradeable items, which will be phased out by the year's end.
By the end of 2006, non-tradeable shares accounted for 63% of the total shares in the market But following the Gugai reform of 2005, the Chinese law allowed for state and provincially controlled non-tradeable shares to become tradeable.
Interestingly, this leading role took place in the period where the incentive structure of the economy changed in favour of tradeable and production of the non-tradeable was expected to have declined.

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