nonrated bonds

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Nonrated Bonds

Bonds with issuers that have not received a credit rating from one or more of the major credit rating agencies. A bond may be nonrated for a number of reasons, including simply not wishing to pay the fee to the credit rating agency. A nonrated bond is not necessarily risky, but they cannot be investment-grade.

nonrated bonds

See not rated.
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The EUR 500 million non-rated bond matures in 2019 and has a coupon of 2.
Since the majority of non-rated bonds are small issuers, a non-rated bond may represent an inability to pay for a bond rating rather than an inability to qualify for one," Marrone said.
Lanford: So, when you've got a non-rated bond the individual customer should look for coverage or what collateral is behind that particular debt relative to the safety of that instrument.
The financing structure included $176,395,000 of non-rated tax-exempt bonds - the largest non-rated bond issue ever for a CCRC development.
The non-rated bond that provides support for the A and M bond has not received principal since the first distribution date and, at 23.
The Greencoast team of bankers has many years of multi-disciplinary experience in the field of public finance, including financings that range from AAA rated general obligation bonds to highly structured non-rated bonds.
On a selective basis we have found value in a few non-rated bonds with high tax-free yields and have increased the fund's exposure to 5% in this sector of the market.
Both the District's insured and non-rated bonds were well received by investors," added Jim Cervantes, a Managing Director at Stone & Youngberg, the financing's underwriter.
During his investment banking career, Braun has financed several billion dollars in health care related projects that include both fixed and variable rate, rated (both corporate credit and asset-backed), credit enhanced utilizing international and domestic bank Letters of Credit, bond insurance and FHA, and non-rated bonds.

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