nonrated bonds

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Nonrated Bonds

Bonds with issuers that have not received a credit rating from one or more of the major credit rating agencies. A bond may be nonrated for a number of reasons, including simply not wishing to pay the fee to the credit rating agency. A nonrated bond is not necessarily risky, but they cannot be investment-grade.

nonrated bonds

See not rated.
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Saja Pharmarceuticals, Non-Rated B Best in Uniform awardee.
There will be three championships up for grabs in the OFBL Friday Morning Division a follows: Non-Rated A, Non-Rated B and Non-Rated C.
Lerrick also makes much of the declining share of IBRD lending to non-rated countries -- from 41 percent in 1993 to 1 percent in 1999 -- suggesting that at best Bank lending is not needed, and at worst it crowds out private providers.

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