nonpurpose loan

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Nonpurpose loan

A loan with securities pledged as collateral, but which is not to be used in securities trading or transactions.
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Nonpurpose Loan

A loan secured by securities that is used to buy something other than more securities. An investment bank is allowed to lend up to 90% of the value of the securities used as collateral, provided the borrower submits an affidavit stating the reason for the loan. A nonpurpose loan is not subject to the same margin requirements as a purpose loan, which is used to buy securities. See also: Regulation T.
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nonpurpose loan

A loan that uses securities as collateral, with proceeds from the loan being used to purchase something other than additional securities. A person may prefer a nonpurpose loan over a regular installment loan because of the lower interest rate. Nonpurpose loans are not subject to margin requirements as regular margin loans are. Compare purpose loan.
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The new partnership with Goldman Sachs is intended to allow the firm to offer streamlined access to non-purpose loans that are collateralised by a borrower's non-retirement investment portfolio.
Fidelity says the agreements mean investors will have "expanded access to non-purpose loans secured by the client's brokerage account assets."
Fidelity says its clearing unit will continue to offer margin borrowing and non-purpose loans to wealth management clients of advisor and brokerage firms it works with, as well as products like credit cards, debit cards, checking and bill payment.

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