nonoperating income

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Nonoperating Income

Income that a company derives from any source other than its operations. For example, if a company sells one of its factories or receives income from interest payments, these constitute nonoperating income. Most (though not all) nonoperating income is non-repetitive, and, as such, is excluded from many measures of profit. See also: Operating income.

nonoperating income

Income derived from a source other than a firm's regular activities. For example, a firm may record as nonoperating income the profit gained from the sale of an asset other than inventory.
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Pursuant to TRAIN, purely self-employed individuals including professionals whose gross annual sales or receipts and other non-operating income do not exceed the new value-added tax (VAT) threshold of P3 million can elect to be taxed at either:
1 percent, the net profit increased by 3 percent due to increase in effective tax rates and lower non-operating income due to mark-to-market impact on the invested surplus, compared to last year.
Meanwhile, EBITDA, before non-operating income, is higher by 28.
The move comes after the Sindh High Court turned down an SSGC's plea that had challenged the regulator's decision which reversed treatment of the company's non-core activities as non-operating income,' an official disclosed.
Second quarter investment and other non-operating income was USD 10.
9% jump in other non-operating income to $26 million, pretax income for the six months gained 1.
Also, the company said that the second quarter net earnings did not include any non-operating income or expenses, nor did the second quarter of 2015 net earnings.
For instance, in the last financial year, non-operating income was 20.
At first the bank had classified the gain of SAR 573 million on the disposal as non-operating income.
In May of 2014, the credit union reported a non-operating income gain of $8,444.
Sadiq is accused of misusing authority, embezzling funds and causing Rs82 billion (approximately $850 million) losses to the national exchequer by converting operating income (regular income) into non-operating income in violation of an agreement signed with the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, relocating several CNG stations, making illegal appointments, etc.
This huge increase can be attributed to the increase in the bank's non-operating income specifically a land sales transaction of SR 373 million.

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