Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner

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NOBO (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner)

A beneficial ("street") security holder who has not objected to his or her name being released to the Corporation, if the Corporation so requests.

Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner

A beneficial owner who has given his/her brokerage or bank permission to release his/her name and address to the publicly-traded companies in which the beneficial owner has stock. A beneficial owner is the effective owner of a security or asset, even though the security is actually held by the brokerage or bank. Registering oneself as a NOBO enables the company to contact the beneficial owner about the general meeting and give him/her other information.
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The current requirement for broker-dealers and banks to provide companies with information of street name holders (beneficial holders) as either non-objecting beneficial owners (NOBOs) and objecting beneficial owners (OBOs)
Based on a list of non-objecting beneficial owners, SunLink estimates that it has approximately 134 additional odd lot holders.
The NOBO listing, which stands for Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners, allows the company to identify a portion of its beneficial shareholders who maintain their ownership through a brokerage and who have instructed their broker that they do not object to the disclosure of certain ownership information.
At that time the corporation will receive the Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners (NOBO) from ADP Automatic Data Processing Inc.
The NOBO list is a non-objecting beneficial owners list that offers the names and share positions of the clients of banks and brokers who hold their positions in street name.
to deny shareholders equal access to a list of non-objecting beneficial owners ("NOBO list") which would ease communication with shareholders.
To this end, RushNet has initiated a share audit that includes DTC position reports, Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners list (NOBO) and transfer agent records.
announced that the federal court in Baltimore, Maryland denied, on July 11, 2005, a request by First Union Real Estate Equity & Mortgage Investments ("First Union") for a preliminary injunction that, if granted, would have provided First Union with information about non-objecting beneficial owners of Sizeler's stock.
Brochures describing the Plan are being mailed this week to shareholders of record and non-objecting beneficial owners of shares of Carr Realty Corporation common stock.

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