nonmarketable security

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Nonmarketable security

Securities that cannot be easily bought and sold.
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Nonmarketable Security

A security that may not be bought or sold. Generally, a nonnegotiable security may be redeemed by the issuer, but this is often subject to some limitations. Low-risk instruments such as savings bonds and certificates of deposit are examples of nonnegotiable securities. They are also called nonnegotiable securities and nontradeable securities.
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nonmarketable security

A security that may not be sold by one investor to another. This type of security is generally redeemable by the issuer, although within certain limitations. U.S. Treasury savings bonds and most certificates of deposit are nonmarketable securities. Also called nonnegotiable security.
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In Atlassian's financial report for the first three months of 2019, it disclosed "non-marketable securities" worth roughly $24 million.
There is merely a ledger filled with non-marketable securities --basically IOUs from one department of the government to another--that one day will have to be redeemed by the government through higher taxes on the general populace.
He said, 'If the Central Bank of Russia continues to provide refinancing in exchange for non-marketable securities that banks can generate in almost unlimited amounts, the system will gradually ramp up to full-scale banking crisis.'
Treasury employed its first extraordinary measure Friday, suspending its state and local series of non-marketable securities. After the extraordinary measures run out, the Treasury will be left with about $50 billion in cash, Lew said, adding: "That number, however, could be materially higher or lower, depending on the pace of tax refund filings.
The Treasury Department suspended sales of its state and local government series of non-marketable securities on Friday.
Public companies easily monitor value trends by tracking the share price however non-marketable securities in a privately held business are more complex.
In contrast, be believes that active management can best work in less liquid markets such as real estate and non-marketable securities.
However, excess QPP funds are managed by the "Caisse de depot et de placement du Quebec" which pursues a diversified investment policy, while excess CPP funds are made available to the participating provinces (in proportion to provincial contributions to the CPP) in exchange for non-marketable securities at an interest rate equal to that the federal government would have to pay on comparable bonds.
The downward trend in foreign direct investment after 1990 (when it peaked at $14 billion) continued at a slower pace in 1993, as suggested by the decline in foreign investment in non-marketable securities. By contrast portfolio investment, as indicated by the movement in marketable securities, surged.

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