noncontributory pension plan

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Noncontributory pension plan

A pension plan that is fully paid for by the employer, requiring no employee contributions.
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Noncontributory Pension Plan

A pension where the pensioner (or employee) makes no contributions. Instead, the employer makes all contributions on the pensioner's behalf. This contrasts with most pension plans, where both employee and employer make contributions. See also: Matching Contribution, Contributory Pension Plan.
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noncontributory pension plan

A pension plan in which the participating employees are not required to support the plan with contributions. Compare contributory pension plan.
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The symptoms are well-known even to those who do not want to see them: absence of meritocracy, fat salaries, non-contributory pensions, assorted generous benefits, over-staffing, a manger for every 10 to 14 workers, low productivity, highly-priced services that strangle the economy, suspicious investments, corruption, rivalry for positions and titles, and money-wasting on limousines and other ostentatious goods.
In its papers, the Department revealed in the past 10 years the number of people receiving contributory or non-contributory pensions increased 115% to 420,000.
But it applauds an "explosion" of new tax-financed, non-contributory pensions over the past two decades, which provide regular income for the very poorest.
Once Seddon had survived his marathon performance in parliament, the existence of a New Zealand model of non-contributory pensions undoubtedly facilitated policy adoption elsewhere.
Similarly, there could be confusion as between State Contributory and Non-Contributory Pensions. When the information is provided via the administrative database, such problems are minimised.
RBS non-contributory pensions are fully guaranteed by the firm.
The old model of inflation-linked, non-contributory pensions with retirement at 60 was not affordable in a world where life expectancy is now over 80.
The employed are not only being asked to carry the unemployed, but also to fund ridiculously over-indulgent, non-contributory pensions for our politicians.
Evidence from Chile indicates that there is no negative effect on pension contributions even where other, older household members are receiving non-contributory pensions. This may be because social assistance benefits for old age in Chile are low and thus do not act as a disincentive to saving among those of working age (Packard, 2002: p.

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