noncontributory pension plan

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Noncontributory pension plan

A pension plan that is fully paid for by the employer, requiring no employee contributions.

Noncontributory Pension Plan

A pension where the pensioner (or employee) makes no contributions. Instead, the employer makes all contributions on the pensioner's behalf. This contrasts with most pension plans, where both employee and employer make contributions. See also: Matching Contribution, Contributory Pension Plan.

noncontributory pension plan

A pension plan in which the participating employees are not required to support the plan with contributions. Compare contributory pension plan.
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In the second place, the distributional and fiscal implications of a non-contributory pension established at the extreme and moderate poverty line in 2004, that targeted individuals without contributory pensions, are simulated.
7) Interestingly, this is not the case in Costa Rica which has a non-contributory pension scheme but with the least generous average benefit of the 5 Latin countries with social assistance pensions (Bertranou et al.
9 (1) Figures for Deserted Wife's Allowance, Blind Pension, Health and Safety Benefit, Adoptive Benefit, Guardians Payment Contributory, Guardians Payment Non-Contributory Pension, Part-time Job Incentive Scheme, Back to Enterprise and Back to Education schemes are excluded due to low numbers in the population and hence low or zero numbers in the sample.
There is therefore a need for a non-contributory pension as a significant component of old age income security.
Means testing of labour income under the non-contributory pension has been relaxed but further progress would be desirable.
Chairman Charlie Mayfield praised staff, known as partners, who all have a stake in the business and who receive generous bonuses from annual profits as well as a non-contributory pension scheme.
In both South Africa and Brazil, two developing countries with the most comprehensive non-contributory pension schemes, analysis of a range of deprivation indicators shows that pension recipients have a lower level of deprivation, especially in urban areas (Barrientos et al, 2003).
You'll enjoy the time to discover the sights and sounds of foreign ports of call, get a competitive salary and leave entitlement, and there is a non-contributory pension scheme.
5 per cent of my working life) was not particularly well paid, but in compensation, there was a non-contributory pension scheme.

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