nonclearing member

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Nonclearing member

An exchange member firm that is not able to clear transactions, and must pay another member firm to carry out its clearing operations.

Nonclearing Member

A member firm on an exchange that does not provide clearing services for other members and does not clear its own transactions. Nonclearing members must use a clearing house on the exchange to clear and settle trades. It pays a clearing fee for these services.

nonclearing member

A member of a securities exchange that does not belong to the exchange's clearing facility. Rather, the nonclearing member pays another firm to provide the service.
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HTG is a Corporate Equity Member of the CME Group and a non-clearing member of Eurex and LIFFE.
Based in Switzerland, MKS is a non-clearing member of NYMEX, COMEX, The International Monetary market ("IMM") Division of Chicago Mercantile Exchange ("CME"), associate member of the London Bullion Market Association ("LBMA") and of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).
By becoming a Non-Clearing Member (NCM) of Eurex, we expect to give an additional boost to the night-time KOSPI market, said YuHang Yoon, Senior Managing Director of Woori Futures Co.
Farr Financial principally focuses on retail trading on the global futures exchanges as a non-clearing member.
Based on CASS rules the client and non-clearing member collateral is legally protected in the case of a clearing member default.
It can be offered to clients and non-clearing members (NCM) in and outside of the UK.
It also is a non-clearing member of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) and Eurex, the European derivatives exchange.
The admission to ECC will allow Marex Financial to provide clearing services for all ECC Non-Clearing Members and to all Marex Spectron clients while membership of ICE Endex authorises Marex Financial to clear trades on that exchange on behalf of its clients or other trading participants.
Improves STP for centrally cleared trades with full clearing workflow supportthat supports both clearing and non-clearing members andseamless integration to Summit FT's Collateral Management module.
The service allows clearing members and non-clearing members of Eurex to control their trading and operational risks by setting pre-trade limits on aggregate risk metrics.
Improves STP for centrally cleared trades with full clearing workflow support that supports both clearing and non-clearing members and seamless integration to Summit FT s Collateral Management module.
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