Nominal value

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Nominal value

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Nominal Value

1. See: Book value.

2. See: Par value.
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1 nominal value, to one (1) ADR representing twenty (20) ordinary shares, NIS 0.
The bonds have an amortised repayment structure: 15% of their nominal value will be redeemed on the date of payment of the second, fourth, seventh and ninth coupons, and 20% on the date of the eleventh and twelfth coupons.
in Great British Pounds; the conversion of the nominal value into Pounds
Following the increase, the loan will consist of fungible bonds with a total nominal value of NOK 29 billion.
The total nominal value of bonds affected by the write-down was e1/42.
0 bln euros with shares of a nominal value of 1 euro each, from 1.
This statement may take many different forms but it describes the estimated systematic error [9] (or the deviation from a stated nominal value [10]) and the associated uncertainty, for the specific measurand, under the validity conditions of the calibration.
Atlas Capital Markets (ACM) requested on october 21st, 2015, on behalf of the investment fund Atlas Alpha Yield Fund, the conversion of 500 OCA with a nominal value of 100 euros each.
remaining 79 Bonds with a nominal value of US$79,000 will be converted
ING is launching offers in Europe and the US on its seven series of securities, at prices ranging from 58 percent to 87 percent of the nominal value of the securities.
a) Class A ordinary shares with a nominal value of EUR0.
The EGM resolved to (i) increase the Company's authorized share capital in order to bring it from its current amount of EUR 89,798,407 represented by 16,000,000 shares without nominal value to the new amount of EUR 134,697,610.