nominal price

Nominal price

Price quotations on futures for a period in which no actual trading took place.

Nominal Price

An estimated price that may or may not resemble an asset's market price. A nominal price may be established as part of a negotiation, or as an arbitrary, initial price when a product has just been introduced.

nominal price

the PRICE of a PRODUCT or FINANCIAL SECURITY measured in terms of current prevailing price levels, that is, making no allowance for the effects of INFLATION. Contrast REAL PRICE. See PAR VALUE.
References in classic literature ?
It is a gem, and `Full many a gem,' as the poet says, has been allowed to go at a nominal price because the public knew no better, because it was offered in circles where there was--I was going to say a low feeling, but no
at a nominal price, or even getting it for nothing.
It is a public utility, and even after the increase, it is a very very nominal price that is charged on the metro," Goyal said at the ANI-organised India Infracon 2018 conclave.
The price of a complete set of the dictionary, comprising 22 volumes and having 264,000 words typed in Naskh font, was Rs50,400, whereas it has now been made available on the internet and in the shape of two CDs at a nominal price, said Irfan Siddiqui, Adviser to the Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage.
com , at a nominal price of up to 40% less than the price they would pay for a preferred seat at the airport.
Mani's, a local coffee house, will offer various coffees and teas including snacks at a nominal price.
Ghafoor said that tour packages will be available in all cities across the country, packages, day trips, three days, and packages were being prepared for weekends, where the responsibility of accommodation and transportation will be of PTDC, at very nominal price and get the most from these packages.
Under this shares issuance, Carlo Alberto Spinicci will be issued 63,589 shares at a nominal price of DKK24,789,535.
Many of the companies involved in land development, purchase undeveloped land at a nominal price and register it in the names of their directors and employees.
One of the organisers Lorraine Galvin said: "We are set to welcome over 40,000 people to the festival, most of our events are on offer for free or for a nominal price with all proceeds from this event being donated to the RNLI.
Other contributions address how assumptions about sluggish nominal price adjustment affect the consequences of various monetary policy rules and the role of business cycles in the long-run decline in the workforce share of middle-wage jobs.
Regarding the price of oil, which has fallen almost 30 per cent since June to around $80 per barrel, Opec said that it expects a nominal price of around $110 per barrel for the rest of this decade.