nominal exercise price

Nominal exercise price

The exercise price of a GNMA option contract, which equals the unpaid principal balance multiplied by the adjusted exercise price.

Nominal Exercise Price

The price one pays for a Ginnie Mae pass-through. It differs from the adjusted exercise price because, before one buys the pass-through, mortgage borrowers are paying down the principals on the underlying mortgages. One calculates the nominal exercise price as follows:

Nominal exercise price = Adjusted exercise price * Total amount of the remaining principal

nominal exercise price

The price at which an option on a Ginnie Mae certificate can be exercised. This price is calculated by multiplying the adjusted exercise price of the option by the unpaid principal balance on the Ginnie Mae certificate. See also Ginnie Mae pass through.
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5 million in aggregate stated value of Series D Convertible Participating Preferred Stock initially convertible into 5,319,149 shares of Common Stock, and Warrants to purchase 2,456,272 shares of Common Stock at a nominal exercise price.
The merger consideration constitutes approximately 73% of the outstanding stock of CDK, post acquisition and financing (and approximately 66% after giving effect to the issuance of shares upon the exercise of 2,299,998 options with a nominal exercise price issued to new Arkados employees).
9) An option to purchase 11,145,000 shares of common stock of Windswept at a nominal exercise price was issued to Laurus.
The lender was paid a 3% set up fee and was issued 37,000,000 share purchase warrants with a five year term and a nominal exercise price of $0.
The warrants, which have a nominal exercise price, become exercisable in four equal annual installments.
Approximately 40,000,000 warrants issued in connection with the Series D and previous financings were also exercised at a nominal exercise price.
25 per share and a 30 month warrant to be issued 14,650,000 ordinary shares of Healthcare with a nominal exercise price per share which may only be exercised following the completion of the tender offer described below.
The investors will also be issued for each share of Series B Preferred purchased, 6,000 Series A Warrants exercisable at a nominal exercise price, 3,000 Series B-1 Warrants exercisable at $2.
The term sheet provides that Paul Capital would relinquish 70% of its revenue interest in exchange for $7 million in Series C Secured Participating Preferred Stock and 500,000 warrants exercisable at a nominal exercise price.
in return for a new issue of preferred stock and warrants to acquire 40% of the fully-diluted common stock of the Company at a nominal exercise price.
In connection with the new loan facility, the Company granted warrants to purchase up to 17,382,053 shares of common stock at a nominal exercise price.