Noisy Chaos

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Far away from the sooty, noisy chaos of Beirut, this green-friendly designer could not have picked a more appropriate location.
Set in 450 acres of farmland, Brompton Farmhouse and Cookery School in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, is a sanctuary of peace and quiet - a million miles from the noisy chaos of my own kitchen.
But instead of noisy chaos, the effect was a festive setting where we could talk openly without worry of eavesdropping neighbors.
The hall might be noisy chaos for three hours every night, but Gemma Gillin wouldn't have it any other way.
Out of our memories of noisy chaos and frightening images of burning buildings collapsing to rubble and people running from the scene, Brown has created a quiet, beautifully designed dance in, because it is a dance, a place of ephemeral safety.
After the noisy chaos in Diana's sitting-room, Liz was struck by the silence as they waited in the courtyard for the Glass Coach to carry the bride to St Paul's.
I arrived to a noisy chaos of small children and harassed parents who had turned up on spec in the hope of buying some wine.
But she gets curious and then becomes fascinated by the spiritual calm that they exhibit, in stark contrast to the noisy chaos back home.
Bring yourself up", has progressed to the classroom, where we now have "educate yourselves", with ignorant children expected to decide what subjects they will study, what the curriculum should be, what the exam questions should be, even whether school subjects or exams should exist at all, with the prospect of classrooms being reduced to noisy chaos with tumult, unrelieved, aimless movement about classrooms, with no prospect of any adult to take charge and restore order.