no-action letter

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No-action letter

A letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission agreeing that the commission will take no civil or criminal action against a party, regarding a specific activity.

No-Action Letter

A letter from the SEC stating that it will seek no civil or criminal penalties for a given activity. The SEC sends no-action letters in response to inquiries from organizations regulated by it. For example, if a company wishes to take a certain action but is uncertain as to its legality, it requests clarification from the SEC. Receiving a no-action letter equates to permission to take the action in question.

no-action letter

A response from the SEC staff to an individual inquiry, stating that the staff will recommend to the Commission that no action be taken on a specific transaction if the transaction is carried out in the fashion indicated.
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to SEC no-action letters that provide guidance to the business and
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Over the past two decades, SEC staff has issued no-action letters to investors that have acquired an expanding list of consent rights over public utilities or other holding companies.
Based on the proposed rule, SEC staff will now include expiration dates in its no-action letters.
The SEC provides some advance guidance through no-action letters and clarifies developing issues by publishing frequently asked questions (for example, see www.
In addition, this comprehensive source provides easy access to pertinent primary source materials, such as Securities and Exchange Commission rules, releases, and no-action letters and materials from the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.
No-action letters are administrative review letters aimed at improving the transparency of administration by replying in writing to inquiries from companies and individuals about the government's interpretations of laws affecting them.