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Bio Intelligence Service, 1RD, NIOO, Report for European Commission (DG Environment).
Paolina Garbeva of NIOO, leader of the research group and one of the senior authors of the paper, explained in (https://nioo.
Ruth Schmidt, a PhD student under Garbeva at NIOO and lead author of the paper, said: "Organisms are multilingual, but 'terpene' is the one that's used most often.
A few years ago, NIOO scientists discovered that soil-dwelling and aboveground insects are able to communicate with each other using the plant as a telephone.
The insects are re-living the past," said NIOO researcher and first author Olga Kostenko.
Nioo relativo a la Venta de Ni- mayo de dos mil (2000).
182 Convenio relativo a la proteccion del nioo y a la 80