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Nexus (of contracts)

A set or collection of something.

Nexus of Contracts

Any contract or other thing that is related to anything else, especially something that causes something else.
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Taking advantage of the good economic relations between Japan and Indonesia, ASEI and NEXI, as state-owned Export Credit Agencies, believe that their joint insurance programs will contribute the trade climate for Japanese companies in Indonesia.
The team will continue testing their theories by seeing if Nexi can be taught to predict the trustworthiness of human partners.
NEXI has been in talks with several banks on the new products so that the financial institutions could introduce them or accept applications for the products at their counters, the official said.
The government has rejected the condition asked by the consortium of BP-ANZ in favor of the offer from JBIC-Mitsui-Sumitomo and NEXI.
NEXI also said it will provide insurance for deals carrying a 12-month grace period of payment.
The Train 1 financing is the first LNG financing by JBIC and NEXI that did not include a completion guaranty and the largest JBIC financing in the United States to date.
In addition to the JBIC and NEXI co-financing agreements, Ex-Im Bank currently has signed bilateral one-stop-shop agreements with ASHR'A (Israel), Atradius (The Netherlands), Coface (France), ECGD (U.
Ex-Im Bank Chairman Philip Merrill and NEXI Chairman and CEO Hidehiro Konno signed the agreement at a ceremony at Ex-Im Bank headquarters.
NEXI was established in April 2001, continuing the functions of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) by providing insurance support to Japanese companies, thus reducing risks in international transactions.