New issue

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New issue

Securities that are publicly offered for the first time, whether in an IPO or as an additional issue of stocks or bonds by a company that is already public.
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New Issue

Any offering of stock by a publicly-traded company. If it is the first such offering, it is called an initial public offering (IPO); otherwise, it is called a follow-on offering. A company makes a new issue through underwriters, who have the responsibility to place the offering with individual and institutional investors. Companies make new issues in order to raise financing for expanded operations, or because they have become cash poor and need to finance their current operations. The offerings themselves give investors a portion of ownership in the company issuing them.
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new issue

A security that is being initially offered to the public. New stock issues are often quite risky; the securities may change significantly in price shortly after the initial sale has been completed. The greatest number of new issues generally appear near the end of an extended bull market. See also offering price.
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New issue.

When a stock or bond is offered for sale for the first time, it's considered a new issue.

New issues can be the result of an initial public offering (IPO), when a private company goes public, or they can be additional, or secondary, offerings from a company that's already public.

For example, a public company may sell bonds from time to time to raise capital. Each time a new bond is offered, it's considered a new issue.

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The board of directors was authorised to decide on a new issue of up to 1.7m shares to enable a directed new share issue to industrial partners within the scope of collaboration and alliances, Anoto Group said.
The number of shares and voting rights increased by 3.532.222 through the directed new issue and with 116.959 through the exercise of convertible bonds.
This will be achieved through a new issue of a maximum 10,000,000 shares, each with a nominal value of SEK0.05.
Palmer traded non-agency CMOs at JP Morgan Chase before running the mortgage platform at BNY Mellon and then building out the new issue CMO platform at Keybanc.
Reportedly, the EGM resolved to approve the board of directors' resolution of 16 October 2018 on a new issue of shares with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights.
The new issue also tackled several important topics, including the
Muscat: A new issue of government development bonds has been announced by the Central Bank of Oman.
Market intelligence provider Ipreo has implemented Investor Access, which allows investors to electronically submit orders directly to the sell-side syndicate banks on fixed-income new issues, the company said.
IN THE MATTER OF Premium Point New Issue Opportunity Fund Ltd AND IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACT 2014 Premium Point New Issue Opportunity Fund Ltd, trading as, Premium Point New Issue Opportunity Fund Ltd having never traded, having its registered office at Block 6, Custom House Plaza, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01 X9Y5, and its principal place of business at Block 6, Custom House Plaza, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01 X9Y5, and having no assets exceeding [euro]150 and having no liabilities exceeding [euro]150, has resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise her powers pursuant to section 731 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register.
This is a new issue that we discovered now that acting (Makati City) Mayor Kid Pena is sitting (in city hall), he said.
The new issue features Actress Nafeesa Monroe on the cover, and Monroe talks much about her acting career, as well as the changes she's striving to make for all cultures in the wonderful world of theatre.
"We expect the new issue to be completed within three weeks from now and we hope that the entire $1 billion in Eurobonds will be fully subscribed," a source at the Finance Ministry told The Daily Star.