new listing

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New listing

A security that has just been entered on a stock or bond exchange for trading.

New Listing

A stock that begins to be traded on an organized exchange. New listings occur when a company makes an IPO that meets an exchange's listing requirements or if an OTC stock begins to meet the listing requirements.

new listing

A security that has recently been added to an organized exchange's trading list. The security may have been moved from the over-the-counter market or from a different exchange, or it may be the stock of a firm that recently went public.
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The new listings reflect Derry s varied and diverse history and will ensure these important cultural assets are preserved and protected as part of the area s rich and historic fabric.
com)-- As Spring begins in Calgary, the real estate market is experiencing an increase in new listings and price gains for the city.
New listings poured in to the Lane County market in January, with sellers putting about 400 additional homes on the market - more than double the number of new listings in December and 14 percent more than January 2013.
In markets outside of Whatcom County, new listings of available homes spiked, although overall inventories remain thin.
Sansone earned his top spot by winning five new listings.
An iPhone 4 or BlackBerry Torch smartphone will be given to four lucky winners drawn from all new listings that go live on SouqIt until January 15, 2012.
net, a Canada-based company offering directory of business listings and information on Burlington, Ontario, has announced addition of new listings to its directory.
Savanna Cider has reported double-digit sales growth and is set to double sales over the next year on the back of new listings in Sainsbury's and Morrisons.
The substantial drop in new listings on the TSE's first and second sections and Mothers market reflects stock price falls in the wake of the U.
But she wasn't looking for new listings or homes for sale.
Third is making sure we attract customer order flow and new listings.
Our trading expertise, financial strength, and unparalleled service have made Bear Wagner the specialist of choice and leader in new listings on the New York Stock Exchange.