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'That is why PAS Youth wants to suggest to the party leadership to introduce a new jurisprudence in ethnic prosperity.
Nevertheless, the Chief Justice developed new jurisprudence in his wisdom and intellect.
Other than Embakasi South and Ugenya, the new jurisprudence is very clear on this.
The CJP observed that they were developing a new jurisprudence wherein an agency lacking expertise could seek assistance from others.
'We are developing a new jurisprudence wherein an agency lacking expertise can seek assistance from other agencies,' said CJP.
'In these countries, we have a new jurisprudence which is called surrogacy.
The court said the new jurisprudence requires that the main plunderer be identified in the information.
A new jurisprudence evolved in ' Sunil Batra's case (1978)' when the court defined that imposition of solitary confinement on a death row convict was illegal.
Stressing on the need to develop a new jurisprudence in the backdrop of recession, he said the rights of the poor had remained only on paper.
And the judges did not react to a legislative threat but they developed a new jurisprudence incrementally.
Regular Session, 2007), the Sunset Bill for the Texas BON, added the new jurisprudence exam requirement for initial licensure [Texas Occupations Code, Sec.