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Figures 13 and 14 show the simulation results obtained for the overall DC-Bus voltage [V.sub.dc], the split capacitor voltages ([V.sub.dc1] and [V.sub.dc2]), and neutral point voltage deviation ([V.sub.dc1] - [V.sub.dc2]) for dynamic state conditions of capacitive to inductive and inductive to capacitive loads, respectively.
Kadoorie quoted his late father in saying that Hong Kong was always going to develop as a neutral point of contact between two different ideologies and two different systems of government and said the city could not leave its young people in despair.
From a neutral point of view, the final showpiece between City and Wolves was probably fitting for the Far East audience but Newcastle still made some progress.
Personally, I've always loved the drama that Golden Point brings to NRL matches, but that's from an entirely neutral point of view, thousands of miles away.
ON Semiconductor offers a power module solution (NXH160T120L2Q2F2S1G) for solar and industrial applications avoiding the use of discrete IGBTs.The module (Figure 3) contains a split T-type neutral point clamped three-level inverter, consisting of two 160 A/1,200 V half-bridge IGBTs with inverse diodes, two neutral point 100 A/1,200 V rectifiers, two 100 A/650 V neutral point IGBTs with inverse diodes, two half-bridge 100 A/650 V rectifiers, and a negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC).
"You have the top two in the league, so from a neutral point of view it has all the ingredients to be a fantastic final," he said.
Vietnam is considered a good neutral point between the two countries.