Neural Nets

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Neural Nets

Models which mimic the massive parallel processing that occurs in the brain.

Neural Net

A computerized system designed to imitate human thought. Specifically, neural nets are designed to make or recommend investment decisions in light of changing circumstances in a market. Using neural nets has become more common as computers have become more accessible.
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The agent's neural nets soon will be able to successfully solve the high-grade problem of the movement control (fig.
In this regard, one analytical approach that is seeing increased usage in the analysis of stock prices are neural nets (Pai, 2005).
The recent surge of interest stems from the realization that neural nets are unrivaled in pattern recognition capabilities and that they outperform regression methods in forecasting complex non-linear processes with unknown functional forms.
Using neural nets and GIS to forecast land use changes: A land transformation model.
The neural nets developed in this research are equivalent to templates for market based, capitalist economies.
Neural nets are natural predictors and can be used to "patch" missing measurement data.
Neural nets can create process models for simulation and predictive control without detailed knowledge of complex nonlinear process.
During her midday break from troubleshooting traffic problems on the Internet 4 ultra-high-speed data backbone, she's using a remote connection to catch an Electric University professor's lecture on neural nets.
Neural nets learn by training, not by being programmed.
In that event, it would take information about both neural nets and cell biology to understand and to artificially create a conscious mind.
Paul Churchland, a neurophilosopher whose "The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul" covers how humans communicate and think, and the development of neural nets that may someday replicate human intelligence
Also like people, neural nets can recognize patterns and analyze subjective information such as speech, fingerprints, or stock performance better than standard programs, which are designed primarily for very precise calculations.

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