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A Burmese unit of length equivalent to 1.8288 meters.


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Don't buy a network operating system based solely on its advertised features, because, depending on your organization's particular circumstances, what looks good on paper could turn out to be a disaster once it's plugged in.
Not all network operating systems include productivity applications and you may need to purchase separate groupware programs, such as e-mail or group scheduling, to fulfill your company's needs.
Windows NTS is gaining a following primarily because Microsoft uses this network operating system as an applications platform.
SEATTLE -- New Security and Network Operating System, High-Performance Platform and Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service Simplify Security
Savi designs real-time supply chain solutions and integrates them using its own line of active (battery-powered) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies or other Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technologies, ranging from barcodes and sensors to EPC-compliant tags and satellite tracking systems, and ties them together into networked software, including its own Savi SmartChain(TM) Supply Network Operating System and applications.
Release 3 of both the Tropos Sphere network operating system and the Tropos Control element manager contain important new functionality, further establishing Tropos as the industry standard for metro-scale Wi-Fi, with the best network scalability, manageability and ease of use in the business," said Ron Sege, President and CEO of Tropos Networks.
Ubicom's advanced development environment including simple, intuitive tools, patented network operating system functions, and patent-pending software I/O technology accelerate product delivery.

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