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A Burmese unit of length equivalent to 1.8288 meters.


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To ensure that SFT III meets the needs of COMPAQ customers, Compaq co-developed this network operating system with Novell, which offers a unique-in-the-industry software implementation of server mirroring.
Novell's SMS solution will allow the user to migrate to a new network operating system gradually without being required to recreate data or storage systems.
Echelon's LNS network operating system (by virtue of its open database approach) was chosen because it is the "most non-proprietary, open, widely-available and supported database standard for the building controls industry.
The Open Systems Alliance Master Logo agreement enables Distech to certify members of their integration channel to specify, bid, design and deploy open, interoperable control networks that use the LNS network operating system and products installed with the LonMaker(TM) Integration Tool such as LonMark certified and/or products with an LNS plug-in.
The LNS network operating system and software platform is a part of LonWorks solutions that allows for remote access, efficient performance, and easy management either locally or over the Internet.
Wysdom, the leading provider of mobile network operating system software, today announced its membership in the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), an industry consortium consisting of close to 200 of the world's leading mobile operators, device & network suppliers, IT companies and content providers.
Regardless of the prevailing network operating system, PeerlessSPS lets the device participate immediately on the network.
Wysdom, the leading provider of mobile network operating system software, today announced a strategic partnership with APAR Infotech, a global IT services provider.
VNOS and Visual Network Operating System are trademarks of Singlestep Technologies, Corp.

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