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com hopes to introduce net surfers to the joys of rambling with its extensive network of UK walks.
It seems streetlamps using the same power supply as Net surfers are acting as aerials and broadcasting downloaded data as high-frequency radio waves.
Although AICPA Online, as the Web site is officially called, is a powerful tool even for experienced Net surfers, beginners too will find it useful, with the connections clearly labeled and easy to use.
For many Net surfers, the iWTC is a valuable tool that is useful, for instance, for scanning the Wall Street Journal, tracking an errant FedEx package, or locating the next big trade show.
Their site offers net surfers on-line access to "The Little Red Songbook," pamphlets like "How to Fire Your Boss" and "Wildcat," as well as a lively conference on organizing temp workers in the 1990s.
In fact, it's especially important to make your text message compelling by itself, because something like 40% of Net surfers turn off their graphics to get faster downloading.
However, the study found that many net surfers doubt the true identity of their online friends, with 37 per cent of respondents admitting they cannot be sure of an internet contact's identity.
Net surfers with a taste for IT are invited to free sessions at Huddersfield Public Library.
The online auction site was also voted the best website to visit by net surfers with pounds 100 to spend in the YouGov survey.
And she highlighted the risks net surfers take to meet each other.
Based on the theme of an office at home, it will include a computer terminal and a webcam so net surfers can directly link up to the display at the flower show from May 22 to May 26.
The site offers net surfers cut-price deals on cars imported from Europe.