Net monetary assets

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Brink's suffered a USD 122m write-down (USD 1.51 per share) of net monetary assets in Venezuela due to currency devaluation (excluded from Non-GAAP results).
Japanese households hold savings of about AN1.1 trillion in net monetary assets. In about three years, however, the amount of JGBs will exceed the total assets of Japanese households.
Japanese households hold about [yen]1,100 trillion in net monetary assets, an amount that will be exceeded in about 3-5 years by the value of JGBs.
A business holding net monetary assets is shown to be worse off in a period of inflation, while a business with net monetary liabilities gains.
Comparing (2) with (3), [R.sup.1] is less than [R.sup.0](1+[P.sub.g]) by the amount of ([M.sup.0][P.sub.g] - [L.sup.0][P.sub.g]); thus ([M.sup.0][P.sub.g] - [L.sub.0][P.sub.g]) represents the purchasing power loss from holding of net monetary assets (1) if [M.sup.0] larger than [L.sup.0].