Net interest cost

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Net interest cost (NIC)

The total amount of interest that will be paid on a debt obligation by a corporate or municipal bond issuer.

Net Interest Cost

The cost of capital for a bond issuer; that is, a calculation of how much an issuer will spend in interest on one of its bonds. The way the net interest cost is calculated involves the average interest rate weighted for the time to maturity. One increases or decreases the net interest cost according to various discounts or premiums that the issuer allows or is paid. Critics contend that calculating the net interest cost is less accurate than the total interest cost.
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Finally, consumers are likely to take another hit if the federal government cuts back on social programs like education, health, environment, and the like--in an effort to meet the new and higher net interest cost of servicing the debt.
lower net interest costs, including significant interest income.
The EBITDA interest coverage ratio improved as a result of higher EBITDA (excluding restructuring) and lower net interest costs, including significant interest income.
twelve-month trailing net interest costs including significant interest
Announcement of competition: The contracting authority intends to conclude a framework agreement on debt management, follow-up and counseling, whose purpose is to manage the principal's loan portfolio in a way that minimizes net interest costs over time.
Earnings variations posted by these relatively minor elements of Old Republic's business stem from volatility inherent to the small scale of life and accident insurance operations, and net interest costs pertaining to external and intra-system financing arrangements.
Net interest costs of ` 284 crore and amortisation costs of ` 316 crore contributed to the drop in profit at Bharti Airtel, which also took a hit of ` 261 crore because of fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate and increased tax burden of ` 109 crore.
They are required to pay pounds 19m in net interest costs, but that is dealt with comfortably by revenues (match-day revenue doubled to pounds 91m in 2006/07 alone) generated by the move to the Emirates Stadium.
Growing debt and net interest costs are a result of persistent fiscal imbalances, which, if left unchecked, threaten to crowd out spending for other national priorities.
The Auditor-General has noted that this cash management strategy is providing a benefit to the State in reduced net interest costs.