net transaction

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Net transaction

A securities transaction in which no commissions or extra fees are paid, such as in an initial public offering.

Net Transaction

A transaction of a security in which there are no fees or in which the fees are included in the price. That is, the price quoted for such a transaction is the price the buyer will pay, regardless of anything else. A common net transaction is an initial public offering. See also: All-in cost.

net transaction

A transaction in which no additional fees are paid. For example, securities that are part of a new issue are priced to include all fees.
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For the first 11 months of the year, hot money net transactions were in the negative or outflows of $635 million, compared to $673 million net inflows same period in 2016.
It is worth mentioning that net transactions of foreigners recorded net purchases of EGP 6.
Net transactions by non-Arab foreign investors on EgyptEe's stock exchange surged to EGP 3.
Equity funds rebounded with positive net transactions of 3.
She has developed compliance and operational systems for its subsidiary Net Transactions Ltd that is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) as a Money Services Business.
The net transactions of the Omanis recorded OMR42 million and OMR957,000.
The net transactions of the Omanis recorded 42 million and 957 thousand Omani Riyals.
Financial accounts show net transactions in financial assets and liabilities for each sector of the economy.
Net transactions are becoming a mainstream activity '
GCC demand for US paper has remained firm, and net transactions between August 2007 and June 2008 were about $18.
Net transactions spur states to pursue tax simplification.
Consumers' acceptance of electronic networks will depend largely on the security of Net transactions.