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Improvements in purchasing, production and marketing under the programme provided net effects of NOK72m in the third quarter, consisting of positive effects amounting to NOK77m and implementation costs of NOK5m.
Material and energy balances in conjunction with pilot plant and lab data were used to predict potential net effects of the MCOD system upon operating costs.
To assess the net effects, we evaluate the total contribution of exchange rate depreciation and its risk on export growth.
To compare the magnitude (slope of regression) of atrazine's exposure, post-exposure, carryover, and net effects, we examined all pairwise comparisons of these four effects using the general linear model, treating pairs of effects as repeated measures variables (i.e., we compared these effects within aquaria/terraria).
In Net Effects, Marylaine Block examines the issues and brings together a wealth of insights, war stories, and solutions.
Net Effects features nearly 50 articles by dozens of librarians that suggest practical and creative ways to deal with the range of Internet "side effects," regain control of the library, and avoid being blindsided by technology.
The net effects of these types of operations are almost entirely negative for all but the handful of hidden investors.
First, my distinction is not the same as the type-token distinction, since the two distinctions cross-classify: there can be token-level net effects and token-level component effects, type-level net effects and type-level component effects.
The American Campaign provides empirical evidence indicating that presidential campaigns typically have significant but marginal net effects on the division of the presidential vote.
However, even though it has been recognized that the overall or net effect of one species on another may be the sum of both positive and negative effects (Callaway 1995), net effects have never been experimentally dissected into their positive and negative components.
Net Effects: How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet Edited by Marylaine Block
announced the publication of Net Effects: How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet, edited by Marylaine Block.