negotiated offering

Negotiated offering

An offering of securities for which the terms, including underwriters' compensation, have been negotiated between the issuer and the underwriters.

Negotiated Offering

A way of making a new issue of securities in which the issuer hires an underwriting firm or syndicate and negotiates all terms of the issue with them. In general, a negotiated offering involves the underwriters guaranteeing that the issue will be placed with investors at a certain price in exchange for a fee to the underwriters. It contrasts with multiple competitive bidding. Most offerings, however, are negotiated.

negotiated offering

A method by which a securities issuer selects an investment banking firm to assist in or guarantee the sale of securities on the basis of discussions and factors including the best price.
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50% Series due 1 June 2064 in a negotiated offering.
350% and maturing on 1 February 2042 were sold in a negotiated offering.
350 percent Series due February 1, 2042, in a negotiated offering.
Although there is no commonly accepted legal definition of financial advisor, when a financial firm goes beyond the role of an underwriter in a competitive or negotiated offering it often is referred to as a financial advisor.
It was a negotiated offering and not a competitive bid," added Malter.
10% Series due 1 June 2065 in a negotiated offering.
Scana Corporation (NYSE: SCG), an energy-based holding company in South Carolina, has sold in a negotiated offering, USD250m principal amount of its Medium Term Notes due February 1, 2022.
60% Series due 15 June 2043 in a negotiated offering.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 6, 2011-SCANA completes negotiated offering of USD300m of medium term notes due 2021(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.