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A security whose title is transferable by delivery . See also: Negotiable instrument.


A security that may be bought or sold. Generally, a negotiable security is traded on the secondary market, but the initial sale takes place on the primary market. Negotiable securities may be low-risk, such a Treasury bonds, or high-risk, such as stocks. They are also known as marketable securities. See also: Nonmarketable security.


1. Of, relating to, or being a price that is not firmly established.
2. Of or relating to an instrument that is easily transferable from one owner to another owner. With proper endorsement, most securities are negotiable.


A negotiable contract is one whose terms can be altered by agreement between the parties to the contract.

For example, when you negotiate the sale of your home, you might be willing to reduce the price, or you might be flexible about the closing date, generally in response to some concessions from the buyer.

Similarly, the interest rate on your mortgage or the number of points you pay might be negotiable with your lender.

A negotiable financial instrument or security is one that can be transferred easily from one party to another by endorsing and delivering the appropriate documentation.

Stock certificates are negotiable, for example, requiring the owner simply to sign the back and deliver the document to an agent. A check is also negotiable, transferring money from the writer to the payee on the basis of a signature and an endorsement.

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When shipping overseas, most letters of credit will require a full set of ocean bills of lading (OBLs) to be prepared in negotiable form for presentation to the bank.
Finally, he expected that the mutual fund would draw international interest due to the international recognition of negotiable funds in the world stock exchanges in general.
The negotiable certificate program allows affordable housing developers to sell the tax abatement certificates to market-rate developers, netting the affordable developer about five certificates for each unit of housing produced.
In Jon Barrett's interview and others, Clark has stressed time and again that gay rights are not negotiable, that civil liberties are not negotiable, that private choices are not negotiable, and that all of the above must be protected if this country is going to honor the promises made in the Constitution.
Juris Publishing (Huntington, NY) has published The New Law of Negotiable Instruments, an 800-page volume that is designed to assist practitioners in identifying the ambiguities inherent in the law of negotiable securities.
At the November 1998 Baltic Sea Security Conference, the political director of the German Foreign Ministry, Klaus Neubert, speaking for the EU, said: "The acquis is 320,000 type-written pages with only 80,000 that are negotiable and those are not negotiable on substance but on transition times.
The Walters relied on the negotiable instruments law as stated in Kahler, 18 TC 31 (1952).
In the years since China began its market reforms, negotiable instruments have played an increasingly important role in China's economy.
1) The most prevalent problem in the industry, by far, centers on check fraud, but also involves other counterfeit negotiable instruments, such as traveler's checks, credit cards, certified bank checks, money orders, and currency.
You won't cover quite that distance, but life as a dancer aboard a cruise ship does have its benefits: a negotiable salary, a chance to visit exotic locales, and an opportunity to make contacts that might pay off long after you've gone ashore.
For example, corporate principals may be subject to personal liability because of the way they signed corporate checks or other negotiable instruments.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, East West said its board had approved the offering of long-term negotiable certificates of time deposits (LTNCTDs).