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inverse relationship

the relationship between two variables where an increase in one variable, such as PRICE, is associated with a decrease in another variable, such as QUANTITY DEMANDED. Compare POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP.
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A functional analysis of problem behavior, as described by Iwata, Slifer, Bauman, Dorsey, and Richman (1982/1994), was conducted to determine whether problem behavior was maintained, at least in part, by negative reinforcement. Functional communication training was conducted using procedures described by Peterson et al.
We also tested an alternative two-factor second-order structure in which second-order factors were positive and negative reinforcement, each of which comprised the two positive reinforcement and the two negative reinforcement factors, respectively.
Also the effects of negative reinforcement steel bar length and boundary conditions on the antiexplosive ability of RC are analyzed in Section 4.3.
The behavioral model (Nock & Prinstein, 2004) emphasizes the functions of NSSI: automatic negative reinforcement (e.g.
It wasn't until I fully understood the concepts of pressure and release--releasing as soon as you get a response from the animal (which is a form of negative reinforcement) that I learned how to do it right.
He reminds of the researches done by Olds (1958) and Goldstein (1970), Hoebel and Thompson (1969), centered on the self-stimulation mechanisms, ascertaining that "the hypothalamic activation models more or less selectively the effects of positive reinforcement (pleasure, reward) and negative reinforcement (displeasure, punishment), related to the anticipation of the results that can be obtained through such behaviour".
He was explaining the power of positive and negative reinforcement, and his mastery of the dog's mind was something to behold.
With a powerful message and much to consider, "Attachment Play" is a must for those who want to try parenting methods that don't rely entirely on positive or negative reinforcement.
The second set of models include the learning theory models that discuss modeling behavior, positive and negative reinforcement, expectancies, self-efficacy, conditioned responses and cue reactivity, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
The input parameters required for executing the proposed routine are: negative reinforcement ([A.sub.s]), positive reinforcement ([A.sub.s]), effective height of negative reinforcement (d'), effective height of positive reinforcement (d); beam height (h); beam width (b); concrete characteristic strength to compression ([]), characteristic strength of steel to yielding ([f.sub.yk]), modulus of elasticity of the steel ([E.sub.s]), ultimate bending of strengthening ([]).
In fact, performance reviews as they're currently practiced--measuring the relative worth of an employee to an organization (i.e., quantity, quality, efficiency and cost of work) via negative reinforcement through a form and what amounts to a lecture--hamper their main potential benefit as a tool for feedback, asserts UCLA Professor of Management Samuel A.

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