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inverse relationship

the relationship between two variables where an increase in one variable, such as PRICE, is associated with a decrease in another variable, such as QUANTITY DEMANDED. Compare POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP.
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We also tested an alternative two-factor second-order structure in which second-order factors were positive and negative reinforcement, each of which comprised the two positive reinforcement and the two negative reinforcement factors, respectively.
These changes would presumably be detected by shifts in preference between concurrent positive and negative reinforcement contingencies.
Wilcoxon tests with Bonferroni correction revealed significant differences between Automatic Negative Reinforcement (ANR) and Automatic Positive Reinforcement
head down on desk, crumpling up paper) when the "teacher" actor handed them "homework" sheets to complete which was maintained through negative reinforcement ("teacher" took away homework and sent student out of the room).
a) Initially it is assumed a value for the neutral axis depth x, which should vary incrementally from the effective height of the negative reinforcement (d') up to the effective height of the positive reinforcement (d).
quantity, quality, efficiency and cost of work) via negative reinforcement through a form and what amounts to a lecture--hamper their main potential benefit as a tool for feedback, asserts UCLA Professor of Management Samuel A.
4) Negative reinforcement and high expectations are not synonymous, so it becomes the responsibility of the nurse educator to teach, train, and mentor in a positive manner.
As operant phenomenon, depressive behavior is directly subject to and maintained by positive and negative reinforcement (Hops, Sherman & Biglan, 1990).
In his utopian novel, Walden Two, he takes readers to a magical place where things like jealousy and envy are becoming relics of the primitive past, thanks to the masterful deployment of positive and negative reinforcement during childhood.
Most behaviors were taught using negative reinforcement, a technique where the handler applies physical or social pressure in an effort to coerce or force the dog to alter his behavior - for example, pushing on a dog's backside to elicit a "sit" or using a collar and leash to drag a dog into a "down.
Before you get going on negative reinforcement, I already played that card--Tiktaaliks that got negative reinforcement got eaten.
With regard to Iran, Ankara is being advised to use a carrot-and-stick approach: provide assurance that Israel is pursuing disarmament and leverage the economic ties with Tehran as a form of negative reinforcement.

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