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One of the members had a negative cash balance of more than $200,000 and that Linton knew some of the checks the member used to conceal the negative balances were from the member's deceased grandfather's checkbook.
I have no problem in continuing to use the same account (I already gave the same account details to my present employer), but I plead with them to look into this matter and help me get the negative balance waived.
One is not yet sure whether that negative balance represents something real or illusory and whether those figures are accurate or not, one does not know.
The analysis of the balance of payments in various sectors shows that like in previous years, the foreign economic operations in the oil and gas sector had a positive balance, while those in the non-oil sector had a negative balance in 2015.
Mian Zahid Hussain said that trading in local currencies will be more appropriate and beneficial for both the countries as by doing so reliance on greenback will be minimised, besides it will also help in curbing negative balance of trade, which currently stands at US $1.
The Ministry of Power says of the 609 aquifers in the country, 330 have a negative balance of water, meaning that more water is extracted from them than what they receive each year.
Analysts say that decline of the ROE and ROA is connected with deepening negative balance of currency revaluation that grew
The cards allow users to go into a negative balance of up to PS3 so even if the user has no credit on their card, they can still pay for a single bus journey.
Negative balance thus amounted to $3 billion 606 million decreasing by $245 million compared to the same period of 2013.
1bn retreat in the negative balance of net balancing items.
Additionally, customers get to define what's 'normal' for their accounts, by picking and choosing from a selection of 10 different alerts types: daily balance, low balance, savings goal, negative balance, continuous overdraft, large withdrawal, large ATM transaction, large debit card transactions, large deposit, and direct deposit.
The March 2014 survey reveals little change in the current pressure on sales margins with a negative balance -24% of companies reporting deteriorating margins over the last three months.