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Any investments with a maturity of one year or less.
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Referring to any investment, financial plan, or anything else lasting for one year or less. Short term investments and financial plans usually involve less uncertainty than long-term investments and financial plans because, generally speaking, market trends are more easily predictable for one year than for any longer period. Likewise, short-term financial plans are more easily amendable as a result of the short time frame. Short-term financial plans usually involve investing in short-term securities, such as T bills or commercial paper See also: Long Term.
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1. Of or relating to a gain or loss on the value of an asset that has been held less than a specified period of time. For individual tax purposes, an asset held for a year or less is classified as short-term. Compare long-term. See also holding period.
2. Of or relating to a debt security in which a short period of time remains until the face value is paid to the investor. Exactly what constitutes short-term is subjective, although five years and under may be considered the norm.
3. Of or relating to business assets that are expected to be converted to cash within one year and to business liabilities that are due within one year.
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Japan represents a slightly larger share of total Singaporean exports relative to total Hong Kong exports, though both are susceptible in the near term to a decline in demand as the Japanese economy contracts.
Economic growth is expected to pick up to well above trend in the near term, sustained by continued buoyancy in household and government spending and the revival in business investment.
More likely, though, is that P-E multiples will change as investors revise their outlook for long-term growth and returns, which suggests that delivering only in the near term is not sufficient to drive sustained value growth.
"Our near term objective is to assemble a high-quality portfolio of quality nickel exploration projects near established mining infrastructure," says Mustang president Robin Dunbar in a news release.
Presently, there are approximately 100 New York City office leases (in excess of 100,000 SF citywide) that are anticipated to be expiring or approaching their renewal window in the near term. This limited activity (coupled with the presently reported office availability which includes sublease and direct space of over 45,000,000 SF) represents more than a 13% overall vacancy and may prove problematic.
Another major focus of the software that must be addressed in the near term is that of compatibility with the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS).
The agency attributed the downgrade to ''Nikko's continuing poor performance and the limited prospect of a turnaround in the near term'' despite its efforts to undertake drastic reforms.
Additional coextruded materials in development for the near term will match LCP with layers of nylon and polycarbonate and include coextrusions with more than three layers.
James Abrahamson, the Star Wars czar, has been asking project managers and contractors for "proposals to deploy in the near term or directing that a particular activity be reoriented to pursue a near-term option." One S.D.I.
In furtherance of these activities, the company has retained Bank of America Merrill Lynch to advise the company and the Board on strategic matters, including a near term exploration of a potential sale or change of control transaction.
Asia's fuel oil front-month time spread narrowed on Wednesday in a move that was more reflective of underlying supply conditions over the near term.