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Natural Person

An individual belonging to the human race. In law, natural persons have rights, such as the right to own property, the right to enter into a contract, the right to vote, and the right to engage in commerce. Natural persons may be held liable for criminal and civil penalties. A natural person is distinguished from a juridical person, which is an artificial entity with some of the rights of a natural person.

natural person

An individual, as opposed to an artificial person like a corporation, partnership, or association.

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aBulgarian legislation sets out a well-defined bankruptcy procedure for traders but when it comes to natural persons who are not involved in commercial activities the situation is very different,a the initiators of the legal amendments say, stressing that most European countries have regulations on the bankruptcy of natural persons.
Up until now, relatively few natural persons have submitted bankruptcy applications.
In the community offering, the Company will give preference to the following persons in order of priority: (i) stockholders of Liberty Savings Bank as of May 8, 2006; (ii) natural persons and trusts of natural persons who are residents of Clay, Clinton, Platte and Jackson Counties, Missouri; and (iii) other persons to whom the Company delivers a prospectus and prospectus supplement.
According to the latest list, the number of legal and natural persons having failed to settle their liabilities to institutions has risen negligibly.
For contractors, who are natural persons shall submit to the statement of the employment contract and the achievement of the minimum wage.
Deposits of households exceeded BGN 40 B in end-March, when the total amount of money stored in accounts of natural persons stood at BGN 40.
Despite the new 10% tax on interest earned on bank deposits, which entered into force in January 2013, deposits of natural persons increased by BGN 496 M in February 2013, against the backdrop of an increase of BGN 826 M in attracted funds from all sources.
Of the total amount of collected municipal waste, 451,382 tonnes, or 83%, were collected from households, and the remaining 17% from legal and natural persons (commercial waste).
NAFCU's original position (going back to 2001) never suggested, however, that capital provided by the "membership" should be limited to that of natural persons.
The provision defines a "material advisor" as any person who provides any material aid, assistance or advice on organizing, managing, promoting, selling, implementing or carrying out any reportable transaction, and who derives gross income in excess of $50,000 for a reportable transaction, substantially all of the tax benefits from which are provided to natural persons ($250,000 in any other case).
Moreover, on December 22, 2003 42 natural persons - beneficiaries of Agora's
Securities Act) who are not natural persons, estates or trusts.