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Account Number

A unique number of several (often eight or nine) digits used to identify the account at a bank or brokerage. Account numbers are meant to be complicated to eliminate the possibility that two persons will have the same number or that an identity thief will correctly guess a number.

account number

A unique code assigned to each investor's account at a brokerage firm.
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In the United Kingdom, two defining historical moments set the tone for the national identification number debates.
Appointments can be obtained beforehand online by visiting for the National Identification Number enrolment and subsequently the issuance of General Multi Purpose Card (GMPC) issuance to eligible Nigerian citizens in diaspora.
THE National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has asked the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to make the National Identification Number (NIN) a basic requirement for asset declaration in the country.
Address : Housing and Urban Transport Enterprise in Polkowice , national identification number 2065202300000 , ul.
THE Minister, Federal Capital Territory(FCT), Muhammed Musa Bello has said that the National Identification Number (NIN) is now a prerequisite for land allocation within the Territory.
This system will enable the NIMC to create a reliable identity database of citizens and residents of Nigeria and each person will be identified by a unique National Identification Number (NIN).
The Japanese company is looking to sell 20,000 on the new FVA-U4ST devices in the first year due local demand for a secure solution to support national identification number systems, and growing foreign demand for biometrics solutions in Asia and Middle East.
"National identification numbers exceeded 15 millions in a population of 13 millions, bearing in mind that those under 17 and 18 do not have ID cards," Jarboui said in reaction to reports of fraudulent practices circulating on social media.
Many, especially the older generation, have no clue, and some publish sensitive details like home address, passport numbers, national identification numbers online.

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