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NRA (Non-Resident Alien) Tax

The tax which must be withheld by the corporation or its disbursing agent (usually 15% or 30%, depending on the hold's citizenship).
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Contrary to her insinuation, the National Rifle Association is not an extremist organization, any more than the American Civil Liberties Union or the Anti-Defamation League.
There's hardly a more active, loyal membership than the NRA's, because the National Rifle Association truly understands its audience and gives them services they want," said Scott Painter, Zag CEO.
Consumers who purchase any Sightron scope (excluding SI models) will receive a free 1-year membership to the National Rifle Association.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) nevertheless is renewing its push for a federal law protecting gun makers and distributors from liability for crimes committed with their products.
Yet, as a spokesman for the National Rifle Association has pointed out, Washington's experiment with strict gun control is not exactly a great model for San Francisco.
Gallegly's measure failed 163-255 in a floor vote late Thursday, the result of what many lawmakers said was intense opposition from the National Rifle Association.
The 131st annual meeting of the National Rifle Association is offering free admission to law enforcement, firefighters, military personnel--and Boy Scouts.
Leaders of the National Rifle Association have accused Gore of trying to "disarm the country," but the head of one gun-control organization claims Bush is "carrying water for the NRA.
A Shooting Range Line-Officer Training Course, sponsored by the National Rifle Association will be offered immediately following the symposium June 7 and 8 at the same Phoenix location.
The Coalition out-paced the National Right to Life Committee, which came in ninth, but fell behind the National Rifle Association, which was fourth.
I don't know how far the CDC and other medical professional groups will get in corralling gun violence, however, now that Charlton Heston has assumed command of the National Rifle Association and seems determined to repeat a career-making performance by leading the whole country into the wilderness.
The National Rifle Association and the US Environmental Protection Agency, under new guidance, recommend periodic maintenance and proper closure as essential in maintaining a safe environment and meeting regulatory requirements.
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