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NRA (Non-Resident Alien) Tax

The tax which must be withheld by the corporation or its disbursing agent (usually 15% or 30%, depending on the hold's citizenship).
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Missing is a full discussion of the more subtle forms of Roosevelt censorship, for instance, his administration's role in distributing the approval symbol of the "blue eagle" to firms, including newspapers, that cooperated with the National Recovery Administration.
Deficit spending, public works, public housing, massive relief programs, the National Recovery Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Social Security Act -the foundation of our rickety welfare state.
The act created the National Recovery Administration and the Public Works Administration.
Her exemplary forgotten men are such small business owners as the Schechter brothers, kosher butchers of Brooklyn prosecuted for violating provisions of the National Recovery Administration's Live Poultry Code.
The National Recovery Administration (NRA) sought to cure the dire situation by mandating an increase in prices and wages.
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