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National Plan

1. See: IRA.

2. See: 401(k).

3. See: Insurance policy.

national plan

a long-term plan for the development of an economy. Such plans usually cover a period of five years or more and attempt to remove bottlenecks to economic development by coordinating the growth of different sectors of the economy by making appropriate investment and manpower planning arrangements. National plans are formulated by government agencies in CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMIES and by collaboration between government, industry and trade unions in MIXED ECONOMICS. See also INDICATIVE PLANNING, NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL.
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ECOWAS requires a planning process that is participatory and inclusive, he said, explaining that this reason informed the gathering of national planning experts to deliberate on the methodology for facilitating the coordination and integration of regional aspirations into national plans.
National plans are limited only by country, and are often most expensive.
21 developed countries submit national plans aimed at reducing their emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by the year 2000.
Qwest Wireless National Plans provide the latest features and great value with a 500-minute plan at just $39.
It is hoped that with access to sound information, the country will be able to mainstream the MDG%s into national plans and budgets whilst simultaneously straightening national planning capacities.
Blitzer's expertise in providing critical national emergency response policy input while working closely with associates within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Homeland Security Council (HSC), as well as his extensive experience working on complex national plans and policy matters, make him an instrumental asset to the continued expansion of the firm's capabilities in emergency prevention and preparedness strategy," says Michael Byrne, a senior vice president in Homeland Security at ICF.
Contract notice: Processing of documents and draft national plans elbe, oder and danube.
Property statistics also include Argosy's Alton Belle Casino in Alton, Illinois and Empress Casino Joliet in Joliet, Illinois, which Penn National plans to divest pursuant to the merger approval.
First National plans to maintain its current operations while expanding into the CMBS market, thereby providing additional funding and investment resources to its customer base.
By combining our customer and shareholder bases, First National plans to continue to build upon its strong local following.
National plans to implement ECnet in late November and complete customer rollout in early December.

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