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National Plan

1. See: IRA.

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national plan

a long-term plan for the development of an economy. Such plans usually cover a period of five years or more and attempt to remove bottlenecks to economic development by coordinating the growth of different sectors of the economy by making appropriate investment and manpower planning arrangements. National plans are formulated by government agencies in CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMIES and by collaboration between government, industry and trade unions in MIXED ECONOMICS. See also INDICATIVE PLANNING, NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL.
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There was no national plan, no standardization, no staff of inventors and improvers.
The main peculiarity in Holland is that there is no national plan, but rather a patchwork, that resembles Joseph's coat of many colors.
She called for donor's collaboration in establishing a National Donor Coordination Mechanism that is aligned to the government's key strategic priority areas as set out in our national plans, policies and annual budgets.
The draft of the Cyprus National Plan for Energy and Climate 2021-2030, as well as the drafts of the respective national plans of other member states, will be presented for the first time on January 29 and 30 before a technical working group.
The draft 10-year Cyprus plan for energy and climate, as well as the drafts of the respective National Plans of other Member States, will be presented for the first time next week before a technical working group.
The government, he said, has formed a national committee headed by the Minister of Electricity and Water Of officials from all ministries and government agencies concerned to follow up on the implementation of those initiatives and national plans.
These procedures and partnerships, he pointed out, are considered part of Jordan's "cooperative commitments with international contractual and non-contractual bodies, and is also deemed as a human rights-based approach in the Jordanian state's plans and programmes." As it delivered on its pledges, the government has continually sought to raise awareness of UPR recommendations and to come up with national plans and tools to carry them out on the ground, Tarawneh said.
He noted that developing and least developed countries would be able to achieve sustainable development in the social, economic and environmental fields only through funding of their national plans in the areas of the 16 development goals and by activating the 17th goal.
United Nations, Ramadan 21, 1438, June 16, 2017, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has affirmed its seeking for integrating the rights of persons with disabilities into its national plans in line with the Kingdom's vision of sustainable development 2030 and addressing all difficulties confronting them.
At the first session on ' the achievement made in the implementation of national plans, the experts were divided into three groups that discusses the success stories and challenges in order to come out with the maximum recommendations during the seminar.
"In reality [ ] we need to see how we can enforce these national plans and this needs to be reflected on further," she added.

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