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Differences between national lists also extended to countries that are geographically close and similar, inconsistent with the researchers' expectation that countries with similar health-care needs, expenditures and status would select similar medicines.
He said in an official statement: After we have overcome sectarian and national division in our sacred defense against Daesh, and after we succeeded in running the national lists crossing the boundaries of the sectarian ditching, we see today some politicians are trying to rebuild the sectarian fronts as a basis for building alliances and political fronts sharing power to return Iraq to the quota of state.
The Decree Law included the definition of terrorists, crimes and terrorist acts and entities, the freezing of funds, the financing of terrorism, the creation of two national lists of individuals and terrorist entities, the identification of procedures for listing individuals and entities in any of them and the related implications, and the right of the concerned party to challenge the listing decision before the Court of Cassation.
It creates two "national lists" of individual and terrorist entities, according to the state Qatar News Agency (QNA).
13 order to wipe out the national lists of registered voters kept by the more than 1,000 municipal elections offices nationwide, Executive Director Jose Tolentino Jr.
Newcastle firm Watson Burton are also in its hallowed pages and we look forward to hearing about more local successes from a region so strong in the sector that it is now the norm to find us at the top of national lists.
Now 95 per cent of all the veg we eat comes from just 20 species and the EU has banned the sale of seed from varieties not on official national lists.
He therefore backs the idea of "making European elections more European," of having "European lists drawn up by European parties" next to the national lists. Voters would have two votes, one for the national list and one for the European list.
Companies in previous best- companies national lists have included Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Glenmorangie.
People who want to ensure a seamless transition between the state and national lists should register with the national list immediately.
North Wales Police are checking national lists of missing people and liaising with the Garda in Ireland.
Smith uses national lists and splits them state by state and sends basically the same offer to each with the appropriate state name.
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